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SkyKem - Advanced hygiene technology for the aircraft industry
SkyKem Toilet Deodorant Sachets

For long lasting disinfection and odour control in aircraft toilets.

SkyKem aircraft toilet deodorant sachets are manufactured exclusively for the airline industry to provide unbeatable hygiene and odour control in all types of passenger aircraft toilets.

A unique combination of detergent, scale inhibitor and de-odouriser prevents foul odours and keeps aircraft toilets clean and fully operational. Passengers and crew will notice improved performance from recirculating toilets while ground handlers will benefit from improved hygiene safety in disposing of waste that has been correctly treated before removal from vacuum waste tanks.

Skykem sachets are now available in single boxes so that private operators can source the best product available for their VIP fleets.

SKYKEM is manufactured by Elsan, World Leaders in chemical sanitation and aviation suppliers since the 1920’s. SkyKem fluid and sachets can be delivered world-wide.

SkyKem Toilet Deodorant Sachets

Advantages of SkyKem Toilet Deodorant Sachets

  • Convenient to use - Available in single boxes so you can cost effectively buy small quantities as required.
  • Fast Acting - SkyKem is manufactured to exceed the rigorous standards of the World Health Organisation and destroy micro-organisms and viruses within 30 minutes.
  • Long Lasting - Powerful biocides continue to breakdown and kill the pathogens in the toilet waste system for up to 72 hours. It is SKYKEM’s unique combination of biocides that remove bad odours by effectively killing the bugs that create the problems.
  • Permanent Air-Freshener - SKYKEM slow release fragrance acts as a long lasting deodorant and air freshener boosting performance every time the toilet is flushed.
  • Low foaming during flush - SKYKEM contains a powerful anti-foaming agent to eliminate toilet foaming within 20 seconds. This is independently verified in AMS 1476B
  • Washable dark blue colorant - SKYKEM contains a non-staining strong blue colorant manufactured from vegetable extracts that washes out of materials and loses its colour during exposure to daylight.
  • Non-tarring and attacks lime-scale - SKYKEM is the best product available for reducing the tarring effect experienced in aircraft waste systems. It also contains lime scale inhibitors that help keep the waste system and pipe work clear.

SKYKEM technology is designed with experience to meet every objective. Cleaning the toilet system, tanks and pipe-work, attacking microorganisms and decease, preventing foul odours, improving air quality and maintaining hygiene standards for passengers, cabin crew and ground handlers.

Using SKYKEM Sachets

Sachets are very convenient for “top dosing” individual toilets.

Sachets are available in 8g, 15g and 40g sizes

Dosing in Recirculating Toilets:

Sachet size Water - Prime Charge Water Tank - Capacity
8 grams 3.2 litres 12.8 litres
15 grams 6 litres 24 litres
40 grams 16 litres 64 litres

Sachets can also be used in a water tank to create blue toilet water, the following table can be used to evaluate how many sachet are required.

Water 15 gram 40 gram
50 litres 8 3
100 litres 17 6
1000 litres 167 62

Orders can be placed for single boxes if required. Prices are as follows:

Sachet size Sachets per box Price, 1 Box Price, 5 Boxes Price, 10 Boxes
40 grams 20 sachets £27.50 £25.00 each £20.00 each
15 grams 40 sachets £23.50 £21.00 each £17.50 each
8 grams 75 sachets £29.50 £27.00 each £22.00 each

Prices exclude delivery cost.

World-wide shipping can be arranged (costs available on request).

Sachets are usually available for immediate despatch from stock.

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